Bitcoin revolution through integration at PayPal – BTC price scratches at the 13,000 USD


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The Bitcoin price has been on a positive trend for a few days now. Currently the BTC price is close to the 13,000 USD mark. The strong Bitcoin price increase of the last few days was not only triggered by various companies that have now invested part of their reserves in BTC, but mainly by today’s news from PayPal.

PayPal will integrate Bitcoin and Co. in the USA within the next weeks
Just this morning we reported that many experts expect Bitcoin and Co. to be integrated into PayPal by the end of the year. Only a few days later came the good news from Reuters.

PayPal will start buying, selling and holding Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin for the USA in the coming weeks. From 2021 it will also be possible to pay directly with crypto currencies at over 25 million shops connected to the PayPal network.

Although it was foreseeable that PayPal would consider integrating Bitcoin in the near future, no date has been communicated to date. The rumour mill bubbled and there was wild speculation. Now we have the final confirmation from PayPal itself.

Gamechanger for the Kryptospace?

This news was shared by all media portals today and has already been reflected in the Bitcoin course. The BTC price has risen by more than 7% in the last 24 hours and is currently at 13.000 USD.

The integration of Bitcoin with PayPal is probably one of the most important news for the entire cryptospace industry in recent years. But at this point one should see the big picture. It is not about the possible BTC purchases via PayPal, but about the reach of PayPal.

If such a big and important player integrates Bitcoin, it legitimises the first crypto currency enormously and creates trust. This would inevitably lead to people getting involved with Bitcoin – just the right thing in the current uncertainties surrounding the US dollar.

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Another company invests in Bitcoin
But the PayPal News is probably not the only good news. Today another listed company also announced that it has invested 10% of its capital reserves in Bitcoin. This is a British FinTech company called Mode.

So there are already a number of companies that are now invested in Bitcoin. This news is probably spreading like wildfire and motivating other companies to do the same. The same will happen after the Bitcoin integration with PayPal. The trend in this direction will wash more Crypto Code companies into BTC. There is currently no way around Bitcoin.

BTC competes more and more with gold

Bitcoin is slowly being accepted as a store of value. Digital gold has unique properties that make it in theory a better store of value than gold. Not only is the quantity limited, as with gold, but it can also be viewed transparently by everyone.

Moreover, it is decentralised, pseudonymous, neutral and can be sent worldwide within 10 minutes. It is, so to speak, the further development of gold, without the known problems.

It is currently only a matter of time before other companies, institutional investors, hedge funds, payment service providers and private investors jump on the bandwagon.

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